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1 day ago

ICYMI - UNH is making 30 scholarships available to STEM students at West High in Manchester & Dover High. Apply to UNH by Feb. 1, and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1. But don't let your cat fill out the form for you.

For more information contact David Mattingly at
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#NHEconomy #MHTEconomy #TechYard #Entrepreneur

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NH High Tech Council

LEGOs (@LEGO_Group) are increasing retention rates for undergraduate students in introductory physics classes.

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.@UnionLeader reports today that @UNHManchester will be planning an alliance with #DeanKamen's #ARMI initiative.…

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Don't forget to vote for your favorite #FIRSTParody! Voting is open now through January 19 at 2PM ET. You can vote…

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Major Issues

Support Tax Cap

We support candidates that not only support the tax cap, but will work to make sure that an override of the tax cap is not even a consideration. Bad city contracts, waste and mismanagement all contribute to conditions for an override. We want candidates in office that will prevent this from ever happening.

City Charter

The City Charter was written as a way to outline how our elected officials are governed and what remedies the voters have when they overstep their authority. Aldermen voting for contracts when they have a clear conflict of interest cannot be tolerated. The charter should be amended to handle such transgressions and those officials removed from office.

Better Schools

We support candidates that favor parental notification, redistricting and opposing Common Core. With the overall enrollment of schoolchildren in Manchester on a continuing downward trend yet the overall costs of the school budget ever-increasing, we want to see a freeze on hiring and curtailing of spiraling salaries. Finally, classes that can benefit from distance learning are to be encouraged for subjects where there is an interest from students, but in too small a number at any one school to remain viable.

Repeal Yarger-Decker Payscale

The Yarger-Decker payscale was approved and implemented in the late 1990s as a way to lure and retain qualified employees. Through various actions and inaction by subsequent aldermanic boards, the rules governing the pay scale were eroded to the point that merit pay increases that was designated for 5%-10% of the workforce is now applied to the entire workforce. The situation as it now stands is completely untenable and only ensures the city will face ever-increasing costs and skyrocketing taxes. This system needs to be repealed.

Public Safety

With issues like the opioid crisis, illegal spice, gangs, graffiti,  and panhandling we want leaders with common sense approaches to all of these topics that balance the need to reduce these incidents by the people committing them while also looking out for safety of the public at large.

No Sanctuary City Designation

The citizens of Manchester are all descendants of immigrants in some form or another. While immigration to the U.S. is desired by people from across the globe, the process of doing so must by fair and legal. Designating Manchester as a ‘sanctuary city’ whereby local police do not detain individuals for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) who have run afoul of the law is not advisable. Not only does this create a public safety issue where crimes may go unreported, it also serves as a magnet for those who wish to avoid the law and remain here illegally.

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