Craig, DEMs win corner office, GOP adds seats.

After a contentious election cycle, several mayoral debates, and an unprecedented amount of money which has yet to have a dollar amount total, the 2017 elections came to a close on November 7. When the smoke cleared, it was Joyce Craig that came out victorious in the mayoral race. The new mayor-elect ran as change for a city that she felt needed it. When she takes office in January she will be looking at a board of aldermen and school board that will be somewhat different than the current makeup. The aldermanic board changed seats in wards 8 (John Cataldo), 6 (Elizabeth Moreau), and 3 (Tim Baines) with the remaining seats being retained by incumbents despite several having violated the city charter. On the school board, wards 12(Kelly Thomas), 8(Jimmy Lehoux), and 2(Dave Scannell) changed hands from the incumbents that previously held those seats.

With these changes there is a hope that the blatant violations and the resulting cover-ups that have occurred on both boards will cease going forward. The mayor-elect will have her hands full with both the reality of governing responsibly after having proclaimed she would not bring a taxcap-breaking budget, and those that supported her expecting a political payoff when contract renewals come up.

We look forward to what the next year brings from the new administration but should things start to revert to business-as-usual we will be there to point out the transgressions and report on them.

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