State School Choice Bill Passes Important Hurdle

After charges and counter-charges from both supporters and detractors of the school choice bill SB193, a vote was held in committee and the bill was advanced to the next stage on a 10-9 vote. Manchester ward 9 alderman Barbara Shaw cast the deciding vote to put the bill over the finish line. The next step in the life of the bill is that it will go on to the general legislature to be voted on by the full house. There is still the possibility that this bill will fail, but having made it out of committee the odds look favorable for the bill to pass into law. Should this bill make it that far, it will allow parents to send their children to the school of their choice and hopefully better address issues with schooling. Detractors argue that moving children from public school to potentially private schools or home schools would remove needed resources and place those children at a disadvantage.

A full writeup of the vote can be found on the Union Leader web site here: